Millook HavenBack to colour for this shot from Cornwall. I’d spent the afternoon at Crackington Haven looking for some nice compositions and hoping to catch a nice sunset. I couldn’t really find a spot to sit and wait. Crackington is in a deep valley opening to the ocean almost exactly to the West. The tide was coming in so I wasn’t sure about scrambling out on the rocks to get a view which could see south enough to be able to see the sun touch the ocean. I decided to abandon that line of thought and got back in the car to head along the coast road.Millook Haven, a tiny place in a very deep valley had a beach with dark round large pebbles. I rushed along the beach and just managed to get a couple of shots around the headland of the sun on the horizon.It was only on the way back to the car that these bigger rougher boulders with white streaks and the incoming tide presented themselves to me. Again I took several images but I think this one had the best balance.I’ll post some of the ones I took earlier on the beach in the coming weeks.EnjoyPaul5D MKII, 17-40, Lee ND grads



wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation





glow on


Tell me a bedtime story


*walks into starbucks* lemme get uh spaghetti bolognese macchiato

"sir we don’t serve that"

don’t bullshit me i saw the secret menu on instagram


“It was a car accident. You can’t let that haunt you though, otherwise you’ll never get in a car or do anything again”
“True, and easily said at the same time. Was there a life lesson you’d like to share?”

“My mind would be towards young people, to say that peer pressure, say no. Never live like you’re accepting other people’s choices, do what your mind tells you….Me, I was naive. My friends were like ‘let’s go do this, let’s go to that’, and I thought that if I say no then maybe I won’t look cool enough, I want to look cool. But then, after that, we all nearly perished in that accident. Sometimes it can be too late, imagine if I was dead, it’s like I’ve been given a second chance.”